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I have been working with computers from a very young age. (I started in 1981).

I can provide help in various areas :

 - IT tutoring : 
   I can teach you how to use WORD, EXCEL, OUTLOOK EXPRESS, PHOTOSHOP, INTERNET etc.

 - WIFI :
   I can set up your internet connection, your WIFI network at home, your email accounts etc.

 - Stay in contact with those at home :
I can install your webcam for you to enable you to stay in visual contact with your relatives at home.  

 - New device installation :
   I can install any new device you want to connect to your computer or your network (printer, scanner, camera, external disk etc.)

 - Problems with your computer :
   I can solve almost all the problems you may encouter with your computer (soft and hard ware)

For more information or a quote, please contact me.